When globalizing a certain software, it is crucial to ensure that it is localized adequately, being culturally correct and linguistically sound. Transfective provides consultation, factoring in various strategic approaches and thorough testing to provide localized and comprehensive solutions to adapting software. Our validation and testing services warrant adequate software functionality.

Various workflows have been set in place for adapting the user interface, help files and other technical documentation.  Transfective strives to automate, where possible, every step of the software localization process to ensure timely deliverables and adequately tested language versions to produce top quality deliverables.

Localization Process

Complicated tasks are broken down into simpler ones by our software localization engineers, improving efficiency exponentially. This approach allows us to ensure that the software is localized successfully. The most advanced technical knowledge is used to work through the localization process, ranging from resizing dialogue boxes, writing test scripts, managing version control, creating a build environment to taking simple screenshots. Prompt timelines are adhered to in order to address requirements, leading to the most comprehensive software localization solutions present in the industry.

Post-Localization Testing and Quality Assurance

Through various testing solutions, Transfective ensures that your software, websites and multimedia will function consistently across browsers, operating systems, devices, etc. This check allows us to eradicate or prevent faults that are damaging and prone to cause delays.

Software Localization is a very complicated process in which every potential obstacle cannot be identified. We try our best to test the software in a native setting so that potential errors can be identified and eliminated.

Common issues include:

  • Text Expansion / Truncation
  • Externalization of Strings
  • Incorrect Translations
  • Character Encoding / Fonts
  • Locale Issues

Testing Process

Transfective’s dedicated teams work alongside you to identify the most optimal approach to align with your internal operations, based on our industry leading practices.

By utilizing our veteran linguistic testers, a methodical process is mapped out to produce the best results:

1. Identify goals and deliverables and establish set guidelines after conducting a thorough analysis.
2. Create a test plan that provides the full project roadmap.
3. Elaborate on each of the test cases that will be utilized.
4. After identifying the members of the QA team, ensure they undergo a thorough training phase.
5. Set up the test environments properly.
6. Set up the workflow used to identify bugs.
7. Conduct a thorough all testing phase.
8. Update the document and translation memories.