Transfective provides a simplified approach to creating, optimizing and launching websites in multiple languages. Whether your website is an information hub, e-commerce storefront, a corporate intranet or a brand showcase, Transfective’s solutions help ensure that the content is made suitable for the global market.

Customer support/ live chat

Transfective’s real time chat support offers quick translation solutions as well as the ability to contact multilingual customer support agents.

Desktop Publishing - Layout Adaption

Transfective strives to ensure that the localized content is adapted adequately into any desired layout, ranging from static images, interactive charts to enhanced graphical elements. Whenever necessary, our experienced desktop publishers are readily available to address the layout, producing a fully furnished deliverable that will have the maximum impact on the target audience.

Mobile Site Localization

When it comes to localizing a mobile website, platform-specific challenges arise. Providing high quality mobile content is crucial in order to provide benefits for mobile users. When designing a mobile website, three important factors are:

  • Responsiveness of your design
  • Model’s compatibility with mobile operating systems
  • Whether the model is touchscreen friendly

The issues become more apparent when more than one language is involved, including the flow of text selection, font choice and typography when working with a restricted space environment.

Transfective possesses adequate knowledge and technical translation expertise required to maneuver through such important factors, ensuring the most functional output is produced, regardless of the device being used.


Regardless of how outstanding your mobile website is, it will not matter if the target audience is unable to find it. Whether the focus lies on conducting an international pay-per-click campaign or increasing organic ratings, Transfective scrutinizes every detail to gauge how the campaign is affected. High-quality SEO and SEM allow for:

  • Higher Search Rankings
  • Increased Click Rates
  • Better ROI  

Keyword Research & Localization

In order to maximize your outreach, it is crucial to conduct adequate Keyword Research – this entails delving into analytics and gauging which words for a term get the most search hits in a particular locale.

During the localization phase, it is important to acknowledge how different target audiences will perceive language nuances. Transfective understands the importance of Keyword Research and Localization and strives to ensure your outreach on the web is maximized. The process is conducted by experts with a comprehensive understanding of the subject-matter.