Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation services at Transfective are offered in over 120 languages. Consecutive Interpretation is used to assist small groups as well as during one-on-one sessions. Strict professional guidelines are established for our interpreters.

Our experts can facilitate a dialogue/interaction exceptionally between two or more languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation, often referred to as the U.N style interpretation, is optimal for larger gathering/meetings and conferences where two languages or more are required. Transfective has a team of skilled and attentive interpreters that are best suited for this requirement, as well as the necessary audio equipment. These requirements are critically important as the interpreter is required to sit in an isolated booth and listen to the speaker using a headset. The translation is then transmitted through a microphone to the audience’s headsets.

Conference Services

Transfective’s Conference Services offer several processes to make global meetings more successful:

  • On-site interpretation services (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, escort)
  • Sign language interpretation, both in person and via video conferencing
  • Assistive listening for hearing-impaired audience members
  • Document translation for meeting and conference materials
  • On-site coordinators and meeting planners
  • Registration website localization
  • Audio and video transcription
  • Interpretation equipment rental

Meetings will be assigned to an event manager within Transfective, posed as a part of your event planning team. The top priority is to ensure meetings are conducted smoothly and the objectives set out are accomplished accordingly.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Transfective offers over-the-phone interpretation services (OPI) in 120+ languages to break down language barriers instantaneously. The offered facilities are secured for privacy, with a productive work environment. We strive to ensure that highest professionalism is present in our services.

  • 120+ Languages
  • 50% Faster Connect Times

Video Remote Interpretation

Transfective utilizes modern web-access video solutions to offer Video Remote Interpretation (VRI). Through this, our customers are provided group collaboration, video/voice conference etc. between numerous client representatives and non-English speaking customers with the aid of our qualified language interpreters.

Transfective provides VRI solutions that ensure the service can be utilised anywhere and is not restricted to a device. Through our network, an internet connection enables access.