Transfective offers retail and E-Commerce solutions to aid small and medium sized companies. The solutions offered through our specialized translation enhance the multilingual and multinational processes for online, mobile and in-store needs. Customer relations support is also provided readily.

Globalization Strategy

Various challenges are encountered by a company when trying to pierce into the global market. Transfective offers aid by restructuring brand strategies and enhancing the marketing process for different target audiences. Our veteran multilingual experts think outside the box and promptly devise solutions to help you stand out from your competitors when entering the global market.

Global Brand Management

Choosing an appropriate market to successfully introduce your brand to is a difficult task. Partnering with Transfective’s global brand management team will warrant success. With our assistance, proper research will be conducted to create the most optimal brand strategies to respond to local needs. This is provided by gathering verified data to help adjust you into the new marketplace.

We offer numerous global brand management services:

  • Advertising
  • Style Guides
  • Glossaries
  • Market Research
  • Brand Consulting
  • Multimedia
  • Website and E-Commerce Site Localization

Analyzing existing research shows that customers prefer to spend on products and services in their native language across different websites. This holds true for a large faction of customers that also speak English as a second or third language. Having a localized website increases the overall outreach greatly.

Transfective picks up original content from the website and modifies it in a way that allows international customers to feel confident in using it. By identifying the preferred language style, site architecture and the correct tools, Transfective ensures that you and your visitors have the most optimal online experience.


A responsive mobile site, as well language support, are important components for a company that is marketing itself globally. Transfective can provide a mobile site that supports various languages through its global language services.


By making sure that each brand has a unique plan of action, Transfective offers support for your international SEM (ISEM) and international SEO (ISEO). We strive to go beyond translating mere ads and keywords and create content in the target language, while ensuring the message remains intact.

Our ISEM and ISEO services include:

  • Raising your search engine ranking
  • Driving quality traffic to your website
  • Increasing click rates
  • Converting visitors into sales and leads

Email Marketing

Website sales and traffic continue to be boosted through effective and efficient email marketing strategies. Transfective can create custom email marketing campaigns for different target markets in their respective languages, where necessary. The offered Graphics adapt adequately to the culture and address traditional needs adequately. Furthermore, statistics are shared to identify which time brackets for launching campaigns will rake in the best results.

Social Media

Impeccable social media strategies form the basis of successful marketing campaigns. Transfective ensures that delivered message is adapted properly to the target market, regardless of the local language or time zone. A complete localization package is offered, and the social media campaigns being run utilize the most appropriate words. Localized humor is assessed to prevent unintentional offensiveness.

Our social media services include:

  • Content generation
  • Native ad adaptation
  • Social media monitoring
  • Instant translations

Creating awareness for your brand is one of our main focus. We can offer support in various ways if you are looking to launch a store in a new market. A full set of adaptation, consulting and translation services is offered to enable you to meet the requirements of the target market.