While addressing the needs of your business, it is crucial to ensure that customer services are top tier. Transfective’s call center support provides a platform for an enjoyable customer experience.

Whether your business is bilingual or multilingual, Transfective can provide you with top quality call center support.

Our call center agents are put through a demanding assessment test to gauge their competency. Our test covers various aspects such as checking the fluency of the candidates based on leading industry standards and policies. Before joining the Transfective ranks, we ensure that each candidate is fully qualified for the job.

Over the Phone Interpretation

Our over the phone interpretation services are available 24/7. We have the capacity to respond to interpretation needs immediately through our highly skilled workforce and state of the art call center technology.

Our seasoned team of telephone interpreters are trained thoroughly, allowing them to utilize various over the phone interpretation techniques.


Staffing is a very important aspect to focus on as the people that are hired directly interact with clients and customers. We staff full-time, part-time and contracted positions to ensure the best care is provided.

While providing staffing services, we pay special attention to translation needs even if there are no apparent language requirements, carefully selecting the most capable candidates.

Outbound calling

Maintaining high standards of privacy, Transfective can handle all outbound calling for clients. We are fully licensed to enhance customer experience by providing top quality outbound calling services. Our experienced team of call center agents provide an avenue for you to reach non-English speaking customers without having to hire additional staff.

Overflow Support

If your call center is lacking, Transfective can assist you with overflow support. Flexible packages are offered to provide adequate call center services.

You can route calls directly to our team if there is an influx – our staff will be available around the clock to help address high call volumes throughout the day. Our team is tailored to address your industry requirements, so that the same quality of service is offered as your in-house employees. We also create customized scripts to ensure we are fully aligned with your team.