By methodically supporting companies, Transfective allows them to acquire international experience. We aim to strengthen global brands in diverse ways through language, community and ethnicity.

Our solutions

Translation API

SIf you have content stored on your server or in a content management system (CMS) that requires dynamic translation, our Translation API (Application Programming Interface) is your starting point. Our translation API allows you to send documents and source strings from your system to our home page securely, eliminating the need to submit a project manually.

Translation Memory Cloud

Our translation memory builds a database based on commonly translated phrases and expressions, which helps reduce costs and speed up the translation process. With the translation memory cloud, collective benefits scale at a rapid pace and apply across all projects.

Glossary management

Thanks to our strict glossary management protocol, we ensure that the translation produced is consistent and uses the correct terminology. The glossary is created through collaboration with your teams, allowing us to understand and store the preferred key terminology in the source language, as well as its approved translation into the target language. To assist linguists, some notes and descriptions detailing the context are also incorporated.

CAT tools

Transfective can use previously translated content stored in the translation memory using computer-assisted translation tools (CAT Tools). This process provides organizations with more translation options, saving them money, improving turnaround times and meeting their stylistic requirements. Because glossaries can be created, updated, and maintained over time, the benefits are constantly evolving.

Automatic translation

The integration of artificial intelligence into global content management is a step that has revolutionized the localization process. The language services industry is one of the leading promoters of the advancement of neural machine translation technology. Transfective aims to help its clients embrace advancements and future-proof their ever-evolving content universe by using the most optimal machine translation technology, combined with best practices to optimize content and business processes.

machine translation image

Solutions for Content Review

With Transfective's dynamic solutions, the obstacles that come with coordinating in-depth content review can be overcome. We offer a cloud platform that makes it easier to review translations, wherever you are in the world, and at any time. Changes, new proposals and deliveries are rigorously monitored and analysis reports, as well as user authorizations, help put an end to the manual process. Review times are also accelerated.

Manage large

Machine translation allows you to manage large volumes of content in a relatively short period of time. A practical and affordable solution is provided for situations where translation is essential, but the budget, or schedule, is tight. With a range of different machine translation technologies as well as light or heavy post-editing options, we ensure that your needs for quality, speed and cost are taken into account.

Reduce delivery times

A stable MT (Machine Translation) strategy can prove to offer unlimited benefits in a highly competitive environment. A MT engine coupled with adequate human post-editing can produce structured content, quickly and covering various quality requirements, comparable to a fully human process. Particularly when it comes to publishing content online, where speed is essential, clients can choose to publish a draft of TM content and then follow it up with post-editing to further improve its quality. quality.

To optimise
investment in translation

For high-volume or ever-changing content, Transfective offers MT and post-editing MT – it's a more affordable option that allows customers to target a wider audience. Additionally, MT can also provide a cost-effective approach to expanding language capabilities in hard-to-scale business areas, such as customer support.


Transfective allows organizations to take full control of their multilingual content, while continuing to work with their existing back-end system. By acting as a bridge between these systems, our industry-leading localization technology simplifies the process of managing multilingual content. With TRANSFECTIVE you can extend the benefits of choosing the most appropriate CMS, DMS, PIM, DAM, e-commerce or marketing automation system, as we have a constantly evolving integration system compatible with all major backbone platforms.