Transfective offers various multicultural marketing localization solutions that help improve the overall outreach on various levels, including:

  • Digital
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print

Creating innovative and engaging source-language content for marketing translation is very time-consuming and difficult. To ensure the translation copy reflects that effort, Transfective utilizes top marketing linguists with experience in copywriting, as well as modern technology to ensure overall efficiency during the campaign lifecycle. Each project is completed using our independently certified quality management software, producing top-quality deliverables that address cultural nuances.

Cultural Consulting

It is crucial to ensure that cultural nuances are addressed adequately when working with international markets. Transfective’s cultural consultants possess reliable information on the target market because of which it is possible to replicate the creative process for each region appropriately, getting the best results. Your vision and ideal is adapted in the most functional manner to produce the desired outcome.

A collaboration with Transfective will enable your strategic and executive teams to make informed marketing and business decisions since they will be provided with ample information on the targeted regions.

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Words
  • Media

Transcreation and Copy Adaptation

The standard translation process is geared towards producing text that matches the source language as closely as possible, without altering the meaning of the text. While this works for certain types of content, when it comes to marketing, a more creative approach is needed. In this scenario, it is crucial to convey the significance and meaning of the source text in the translation, even if it changes the sentences or words in the target copy.

Certain aspects of different cultures are often overlooked, and sensitive terms can seep into the translation/copy items because of a lack of research. Such aspects run the risk of being nonsensical in the target language or even offensive.

Veteran Project Managers at Transfective lead the copy adaptation and transcreation faction within the organization. The linguists in this bracket have an established background in advertising, marketing or subject areas most relevant to the project in question, making it so that it fully encompasses the requirements.

This process is borne of a collaborative effort between Transfective and the client. Our team shares ample information along with explanations on why certain terms and phrases should be chosen, based on their cultural importance and the client then selects how to establish the content. This cooperation produces results that are both culturally appropriate/adequate and reflect the brand’s message/intent.

Brand Management

A brand is regarded as the most important asset of an organization. Brands, when managed optimally, can produce ideals for a service or product that engage customers, boost sales and promote loyalty.

How different markets/target audiences perceive a brand is analyzed in detail by Transfective and each region is treated as an independent brand study. Through this approach, Transfective has enabled numerous organizations to manage their brand across various markets. Our expertise allows us to bring in the most optimal global brand management resources to ensure the success rate in every market is high.

Name Testing

For a company, product or service, one of the most critical decisions revolves around choosing the most appropriate and appealing name. In an ideal world, every organization’s aim would be to ensure that the brand name has the same impact and meaning across different regions, cultures or societies. However, this is not always the case and the connotation of a name can be distorted because of an incorrect translation.

Transfective provides its clients agency-style name testing services to ensure that the most optimal outcome is always achieved. Our in-country marketing experts conduct thorough research in different regions through focus groups and research teams, providing an in-depth overview. The results produced are culturally influential and we ensure that the chosen name is adequate as per the international market standards.

Image Consultation

The impact of an image on the target audience is very strong and Transfective provides a platform through which we can relay the message adequately when the graphic/photo being used is from outside the local market.

Cultural consultants at Transfective select the most appropriate images carefully for different multilingual campaigns. The graphics being used – color, photography, digital art etc. ultimately plays a crucial role in how the product is received by the audience.